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I'm sure you have lots of questions, and I've dealt with some of the most common ones that I get asked below. 


If you have any other questions, or want to discuss your requirements in more detail, do drop me an email:

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We want to book our wedding with you - what do we need to do? 

If you think I'm the right photographer for you - that's great and I can't wait to meet you! Send me the enquiry form on my Contact page, with some details of your wedding and I'll get back you - normally within 24 hours. 

After the initial contact, if I'm available, we can have a meeting to get to know each other and I can find out more details about your plans. After the call / meeting, you can decide whether you do want to go ahead and book me. If so (yey!) I'll send over my contract and invoice for the booking fee (10% non-refundable deposit, which comes off the final payment). 

I'll be on hand in the run up to your big day, if you have any questions, but otherwise the main milestones from my perspective are: 

  • Pre-wedding shoot - some of my packages include a pre-wedding shoot, or this is an optional add on. 

  • Client Guide - my client guide will be sent to you approximately six months before your wedding with my tips and pointers for your day, from a photography perspective. 

  • Pre-wedding questionnaire - this will be sent out to you around four weeks before your wedding, once you have the key details and timings finalised. I appreciate that this is a really busy time for you, but this is a really important form to ensure that I have all of the necessary details to capture the key moments from your big day!


What areas do you cover? 

I'm based in Leeds but cover the whole of the UK. 


How do we pay?

I require a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, which will secure your date in my calendar. The remaining balance is due four weeks before your wedding day. If you would prefer to pay in instalments, that is absolutely fine and we can discuss that once you have booked. 


What about a pre-wedding shoot? 

Some of my packages include a complimentary pre-wedding shoot. If you book a package that does not include a pre-wedding shoot, that's fine - it can be added to your package as an optional extra. We can discuss your preferred location for your shoot - some people prefer to use the wedding venue, particularly if it has extensive grounds that we may not have time to cover on your wedding day, or you might prefer a totally different location which is also absolutely fine.  We can also discuss the timing for your shoot - would you prefer to have it in a different season to your wedding, to give a different look to the images? Perhaps you want your pre-wedding shoot images to use on your wedding day? Let's have a chat about it! 

Why do we need a second photographer? 

In short, no, but there are a lot of advantages to a second photographer:

  • They can capture different angles and moments on your wedding day - I can't be in two places at once; 

  • It ensures good coverage of both of you getting ready - particularly if you are getting ready in different places; 

  • All images will be edited by me, so your gallery will have a consistent finish. 

If you have a smaller wedding, you probably don't need a second photographer, but the same advantages will apply irrespective of the size of the wedding. My Sage package includes a second photographer as standard, but it is also an additional extra that can be added to any package. 

Do we need to feed you? 

A meal for me (and my second photographer if you have booked one) is always greatly appreciated. If a meal is not provided, that's fine but please let me know ahead of time. This is particularly important if you are booking a venue and external caterers (as you do at a lot of barn venues for example), as if there are no other options for us to get a hot meal on site, and we do need to factor in time to get food if a meal is not provided. 

How many images will we get? 

This question does not have a set answer - a lot will depend on the package booked/hours of coverage and what is going on at your wedding. A wedding with 8 hours coverage, that has garden games, singing waiters and lots of little details will result in more images than a wedding with 8 hours coverage but where guests go back to their rooms for two hours between the meal and the evening celebrations. I'm not suggesting that you have to book loads of expensive extras but we can only take pictures of the day as it is, and this will impact on the number of images that you receive. Rest assured that you will receive all usable, edited images from the day. 

When will we get our photos? 

I aim to deliver a sneak peek within a week (tops!) of your wedding. The full gallery will be delivered within 6-8 weeks of your wedding. 


Can we have the unedited images? 

In short, no. I do not provide the unedited RAW images. You are booking me for my work which ultimately is the finished article, and my editing style is a massive part of that. If you want the images editing in a different way, I'm probably not the photographer for you. 

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